Poker Dictionary


Video poker is basically a combination between modern slot machines and traditional poker. Though this game is entertaining, it never asks for too personal details from the players. It is indeed a secured game of gambling. So, anyone can try out playing this game. Usually most of the poker games are designed in such a way so that the fresher as well as the expert players can play it without any trouble. However, if you are new in this field, it is advisable to know some of the common words associated with this game, so that you can easily communicate with your co-players.

Some of the common words that you will find in the poker dictionary are mentioned below:

  • Active Player : He is one of the 8 people still in the pot.
  • Average Payback : This is also known as expected return, the amount that you win if you play a hand millions of times.
  • Back Door : It is mostly applied to flushes and straights.
  • Bankroll : The total funds that remain available for gambling purpose.
  • Call : Putting the minimum amount of money in to the pot for sustaining in the game.
  • Check : It is usually done by those people who are afraid to bet. Check is basically to bet on zero
  • Dead Money : The players who have folded usually contribute this amount to the pot.
  • Edge : The advantage that a player enjoys over his opponent.
  • Fish : A player who keeps on loosing money.
  • Fossil : An aged poker player.
  • Live One : A poor player, who always in a hurry to lose all his money.
  • On Tilt : When a player becomes emotionally upset, he starts playing worse than usual.
  • Position : A playerÂ’s location in the betting sequence.
  • Raise : To bet more than the minimum amount required to call.
  • River : The last card that is dealt in a hand of Hold’em.
  • Scare : A card, which can turn a high value hand to a garbage.
  • Triple Play : Some of the video poker machines allows you play three hands at a time.
  • Winning Hand : This is a hand, which you get paid for having.
  • Zip : Zero.