Poker Dictionary


Video poker is basically a combination between modern slot machines and traditional poker. Though this game is entertaining, it never asks for too personal details from the players. It is indeed a secured game of gambling. So, anyone can try out playing this game. Usually most of the poker games are designed in such a way so that the fresher as well as the expert players can play it without any trouble. However, if you are new in this field, it is advisable to know some of the common words associated with this game, so that you can easily communicate with your co-players.

Some of the common words that you will find in the poker dictionary are mentioned below:

  • Active Player : He is one of the 8 people still in the pot.
  • Average Payback : This is also known as expected return, the amount that you win if you play a hand millions of times.
  • Back Door : It is mostly applied to flushes and straights.
  • Bankroll : The total funds that remain available for gambling purpose.
  • Call : Putting the minimum amount of money in to the pot for sustaining in the game.
  • Check : It is usually done by those people who are afraid to bet. Check is basically to bet on zero
  • Dead Money : The players who have folded usually contribute this amount to the pot.
  • Edge : The advantage that a player enjoys over his opponent.
  • Fish : A player who keeps on loosing money.
  • Fossil : An aged poker player.
  • Live One : A poor player, who always in a hurry to lose all his money.
  • On Tilt : When a player becomes emotionally upset, he starts playing worse than usual.
  • Position : A playerÂ’s location in the betting sequence.
  • Raise : To bet more than the minimum amount required to call.
  • River : The last card that is dealt in a hand of Hold’em.
  • Scare : A card, which can turn a high value hand to a garbage.
  • Triple Play : Some of the video poker machines allows you play three hands at a time.
  • Winning Hand : This is a hand, which you get paid for having.
  • Zip : Zero.

Best ways to increase your chance of winning


Playing Poker More Often Increases Winnings?

When you start to play something new, one thing you probably have been told is that practice makes perfect. Since poker is a game of skill, at least to some level, it is important to note that practice can help you to win more often. There is no guarantee that if you play poker for five hours straight that you will increase your chances of winning it big, but the better you know the game, the more likely you are to win at it.

When it comes to playing poker, you can often increase your winnings by simply knowing the ins and outs of the game. The more you know about it and know how to react to various situations; the better off you will be when you are playing the game. Playing poker more often does help you to increase your chances of winning, then. However, again, there are no guarantees.

Playing Online Poker

Have you taken the time to play a few hands of online poker? If not, then some real options out there can help you to get started. Online casinos are now offering hundreds of tables for this very popular online casino game. What is it about the game that people love so much? There is a level of skill involved in playing the game. There is also the potential of winning fairly frequently. You can play against yourself and the computer or with a group of people.

Playing online poker is a great option for those who are looking for something interesting to do. But, do keep in mind that just because you can play online poker does not mean that you should just play at any online casino such as Captain Cooks online casino. Playing online poker is one of those fantastic games that you can have a lot of fun with, just check out the casino before playing.


Something you should know when playing poker


Getting Tells From Online Poker

When you play the game of poker in a traditional casino or even just with a group of friends, you can often pull those tells out and allow them to direct you on how to play your hand. A tell is a signal or a sign of what the other player is doing. Most people have them even the best poker players. Yet, when it comes to playing online poker, it is important to note that you do not have the instant access to poker tells as you would have normally.

There are some tells out there that you can count on finding, though. These are all things you can respond to. For example, check out how often or how quickly your opponent is responding to your move. How fast are they laying their game? If a player is aggressive, this may mean that he or she has a good hand.

Online Casino Forums And Poker

Perhaps you are a first time or beginner poker player. You want to master this game but you do not have a group of people to teach you how to play. Can you learn to play by simply playing online? One of the nice things about online casinos is that they are often much more than just a computer waiting to play you in a hand of poker. They are also tools that can help you to learn the game.

Check out the forums that are often available through online casinos. There are often tips and strategy forums and message boards that allow you to learn new things and to improve your game. You can tell your poker stories and learn more about how others play various hands. This information is only there to help you to win more often and most of the time it is offered not by the casino but actually by other players who you can interact with.